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Installation of the Utility Pole

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There are many ways to support an amateur radio antenna.  When I moved to Guntersville, Alabama, in December of 2002, I needed to have an antenna support which would be non-obtrusive, very strong, and permanent.  I chose to have a utility pole installed, which would provide an antenna height of approximately 13 meters (40 feet) and which would require no guy wires.  This page shows the process it takes to install such a pole.

W4TI Antenna Pole Installation 26 June 2003
pole picture 1
That hole is six feet deep.

pole picture 2
Bringing in a 45 foot pole.  What would we do without the utility right-of-way?
pole picture 3
Several large trees had to be removed to make room for the pole.

pole picture 4
Next, the pole trailer was maneuvered into position.
pole picture 5
The ground wire (solid copper 4 AWG wire) was stapled onto the pole.

 pole picture 6
Next the crane was used to bring the pole into position.

pole picture 7
Everyone is standing well away from the pole.  The crane operator said he had never dropped one - yet.

 pole picture 8
Now the base of the pole was brought above the hole.

pole picture 9
The plumb line was used to help get the pole straight.

 pole picture 10
The braces keep the pole straight while everything settles.

The pole is now 39 feet tall, and should make a great antenna support.

Look!  No guy wires required!
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